Conservation Fusion empowers others, with the goal of creating balance between people, animals and environments. We are all connected, we share one world!

For People

Providing innovative, hands-on conservation programs that educate and provide a sustainable living for people.

  • Schools


    We are teaching students about conservation both inside and outside the classroom through innovative, hands-on,…

  • Community Outreach

    Community Outreach

    We are raising awareness about conservation needs through agricultural workshops, teacher training, women’s organizations, and…

  • Fair Trade

    Fair Trade

    We are improving the standard of living in Madagascar by investing in conservation commerce. Local…

For Animals

Saving endangered animal populations from extinction.

  • Lemurs


    Madagascar is the only place in the world where lemurs naturally live outside of zoos….

  • Tortoises


    The radiated tortoise is rapidly nearing extinction with less than 200,000 remaining. At the current…

  • Other Species

    Other Species

    80% of all plants and animals in Madagascar are not found anywhere else on the…

For Environments

Growing, protecting and rebuilding habitats that have been destroyed.