Madagascar Forests

Rain Forest

The eastern rainforest of Kianjavato is where you’ll find us much of the time. This magnificent, yet endangered forest is patchy, but boasts nine different species of lemurs that live side by side.

Dry Forest

Andavakoera has mysteries lurking around every corner in this deciduous forest with trees that drop their leaves, weird baobab-like trees, and huge caves with pools and bats galore! Clear streams run through this forest and it was once filled with giant and buttressed trees.

Spiny Forest

The dry, hot and spiny forest near Lavavolo is like nothing you’ve seen before. It is set at the base of the Mahafaly plateau and appears to be an underwater extravaganza on land. It hosts a myriad of cactus type plants that are actually 20-foot-tall trees that contain all the spines of a cactus.

United States


We partner with UNO for many projects and are open to working with others! Currently we are involved with UNO Collaborative, service projects for MLK Jr Day celebration, Global Youth Service Day, and Service Learning Academy.


We are involved in conservation and education with a number of zoos and organizations including: Teen Ambassadors at New England Zoo, Blank Park Zoo, Brevard Zoo, Hogle Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Zoos Victoria, and the ZACC conference for zoos and aquariums.


We love going into the classroom to teach U.S. students about conservation! A few of our projects include presentations and after-school programs on species extinction, recycling, as well as World Lemur Day celebrations.

Events & Fundraisers

We are constantly doing events to raise awareness about conservation. We hope to see you at Maha Music Festival, Benson First Friday Market, or at any number of partnerships with other Omaha non-profits.